Good Real Estate Lawyer In Boca Raton

July 26, 2011

The Importance of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer Boca Raton FL

good real estate lawyer in Boca RatonHiring a real estate lawyer may be far more important than you think, even if your realtor has promised you a smooth transition from escrow into your new home. Outside of buying and selling however, there are other things that you will want to consider when it comes to real estate – things that you never even imagined. Let us pose an example in which you would need to hire a real estate lawyer Boca Raton, and it is actually one that has happened many times in real life.

An Example

This example assumes dishonesty on the part of a lending agency which is rare but does happen from time to time. Let us assume that you have taken out a mortgage or a home loan and you have been paying faithfully for several years. Then, one day, you decide to take a vacation, and when you return, you find that your home has been foreclosed on and all of your personal belongings sold.

You search through your paperwork and find that you have not been negligent on your loans, but you have also discovered that the local sheriff’s department is on the side of the bank.  In this case you would have done nothing wrong, and in fact, lost your home for no reason. Is the bank always going to be this dishonest? No. Has it happened before? Absolutely, and a good Boca Raton real estate lawyer would certainly be in order to help you dispute the state of your mortgage.

What we have cited above is a more extreme example of course, and not always incredibly likely to happen. There are however other situations that might arise which will call for the help and experience of a good real estate lawyer in Boca Raton. The following are a few of the most common tasks that a real estate lawyer will need to tackle

  • Negotiation of Real Estate Contracts
  • Title Review
  • Closings
  • Short Sales
  • Loan Workourts
  • Commercial/Residential Leases
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Lending Disputes
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Loan Modifications
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Title Insurance Disputes
  • Construction Litigation

Let’s try to put this as simply as possible: Real estate is complicated – incredibly complicated, and the last thing you want to do is make a mistake on a piece of paperwork, or accidentally give the other side an advantage during some negotiation. Before you can choose a real estate lawyer however, you will want to do a bit of research and make sure that you are not only choosing a good lawyer, but one who has experience.

Real Estate Law

In the practice of real estate law there are many things to consider and many pitfalls. While you could try to handle it on your own, you really do not want to tackle a monster this large. Instead, you want to seek out someone who has fought on this particular battlefield, and one that knows precisely what they are doing.

Even if you have a rudimentary understanding of real estate law, you really do not want to represent yourself. Your vision is clouded by the fact that it is YOUR affair. By hiring a good lawyer, you are essentially involving a neutral third party, and most importantly, someone who stands to gain from your success. There is no better motivator than money, especially when it comes to real estate.

Finding a Good Lawyer

Your search for a good real estate lawyer Boca Raton FL should start online, and you will find that there are plenty of lawyers with internet listings. In addition to names and addresses, you will also want to look for testimonials from former clients. There is nothing quite as reliable or useful as the opinion of a former client, and of course, the public records that an attorney leaves behind for each case.

As you sift through the different lawyers you will either want to find one that is experienced in your area or someone who has a general knowledge of all real estate law. Once you do find someone, and if you think they might be the one, it would of course be within your best interest to take a look at their history and speak to those who have used them in the past. Because real estate disputes are so common, you can be rest assured you probably know someone who has either spoken with them or outright used their services in the past.

Once you find a good attorney, you will definitely want to keep them on retainer for the duration of your real estate dealings. This means paying them a small fee, which is a guarantee that hey will be there to assist you whenever you require it. There is nothing quite like having your own personal attorney and real estate expert on hand to help you deal with the tangles of the law, and ultimately help you to get a favorable outcome.

The last thing we will add, and perhaps the most important thing, is that you must listen to your lawyer in nearly all things. One of the biggest issues that people have is taking advice from their lawyer, and we will admit that it can be very hard to give up control, especially in a real estate situation. Still, try to remember the reason you hired your lawyer in the first place, and of course, make sure you are ready and willing to heed their advice.

As long as you have chosen the right lawyer, and as long as you are able to listen to them, there is absolutely no reason that you should not come out of this situation victorious. Don’t worry, real estate problems are commonplace, but so are the lawyers who are able to deal with such problems.

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